About Infinity

Infinity was founded in 2012 with one specific goal. “To provide the best tutors, the most up-to-date materials and to utilize the right teaching format for every student”. With the widest selection of qualified teachers, our tailor-made tutor service (available 08.00 - 21.30, every day), Infinity has grown to become one of Taichung’s leading providers of experienced, qualified tutors.

Why choose Infinity?

Every student is different, with different skills, different learning needs and different experience. To use a “one shoe fits all” approach within a class, leaves the majority of students either bored or unable to understand. With the widest selection of teachers and a careful assessment of every student, Infinity can match the student with the perfect tutor, a tutor that is an experienced specialist in the required field of study. Tutors at Infinity average over 7 years experience here in Taiwan.

Infinity Leadership Team

A small team of dedicated professionals,

Keith Gillibrand

Keith Gillibrand


Kay Gillibrand

Kay Gillibrand

Liaison Officer (Japanese Studies)

Affiliate Opportunity

Here at Infinity we believe in cooperation. Affiliates benefit from being part of a larger group with inter-affiliate recommendations and leads . Contact us for more information on how your business can benefit by joining the group - at no extra cost!

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