About the Founder

Born in the north of England, Keith benefited early on from a Grammar School education, which combined naturally with his hands-on ‘get stuck in’ personality.

Working full time from the age of 16 to support aged parents, Keith could only study privately and over the next 25 years he secured his Business Degree, CPA qualification and finally his MBA from Oxford Brookes University.

Moving to Taiwan in 2010, while working with universities and businesses, he identified the need for a more bespoke system of education; to provide a learning platform where students with very different ability levels could excel. “Creativity and Socialising Skills must go side-by-side with formal qualifications for sustainable success” he says.

Determination and Professional training, forged together with Creativity and Compassion, have created a uniquely dynamic individual business leader, and Keith’s ‘never-give-up’ determination has shaped Infinity’s policies and procedures.

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